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  Last updated June 21, 2024

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"Search over 550 million detailed historical records"
  Census, birth/death, marriage, and military records
  550+ million historical records
  Flexible pay-as-you-go membership option
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Our Rating

Price 9.0 / 10
Database Size 8.3 / 10
Software 9.3 / 10
Ease of Use 9.0 / 10
Features 8.9 / 10
Customer Service 8.5 / 10


Genes Reunited is the largest and most popular family treed builder and genealogy website in the United Kingdom. The site has over 13 million users and over 780 million names listed. The site first launched as a genealogy website in 2003 and was a sister site to the extremely popular Friends Reunited social networking site. It was originally named Genes Connected, but was rebranded in 2005. It has gone through many different owners, but is currently owned by DC Thompson, a group that also owns the popular website called FindMyPast.

At a Glance

Price Range £1.67 - £19.95 / month
Ideal For Any user who is looking to learn more about their family history, build a family tree and possibly connect to relatives
# of Historical Records Over 550 million family records available dating back to 1901
# of Profiles/Users Over 750 million names and 11 million readymade family trees
DNA Test Option No


Genes Reunited features many features that you would expect in a genealogy service, as well as many that you may not. The website features a family tree builder, and also has many completed family trees, which makes it easy to discover your family. The website also features historical records that may not be available elsewhere. One of the more unique features about this website is that you can create a keepsafe. A keepsake is essentially a file where you can store documents and your family tree, allowing you to go back and review these items or keep them easily accessible. This website also allows you to connect to other members who may be on your family tree, if they are also active subscribers. This can put you in touch with family members you may have lost touch with or that you did not even know existed.

Ease of Use

Genes Reunited is often ranked as one of the easiest genealogy websites for people of all ages to use. The website itself is user-friendly and many things are self-guided. The website also features a message board where you can ask questions from other users to get help, as well as a help center where you can get help, should you need it. The website prides itself on being easy to use and easy to navigate, even for those that may not be tech-savvy.

Review Highlights

Genes Reunited is a popular website within the United Kingdom. Many of the users who review the website rate it extremely high because it is easy to use. Some genealogy websites can be complicated and complex, but this site seems to be great for users or all ages and technological know-how. Users also state that this website is great because it has a wealth of information, and has price points for all budgets. The only negative that people have with this site is that it is specific to the United Kingdom. You will have to use other sister websites to learn about family from different parts of the world.

Pricing & Subscription Options

Genes Reunited offers different types of pricing and subscription options. Currently, they allow you to pay as you go, or to pick between two different subscription settings. The pay as you go feature allows you to purchase 50 credits for £4.95 that are good for 30 days or £17.95 for 200 credits that are good for up to 90 days. When it comes to the subscription, they offer two subscription options; the standard and the platinum. The standard feature allows you to build a family tree, send members messages and post on community boards, and starts at £4.95 per month per month for one month or £1.67 per month for 12 months. The platinum allows you to do everything the standard does, as well as view most records. Platinum starts at £19.95 per month for a one-month subscription or £6.67 per month for a year committment.

Customer Service

The support team at Genes Reunited is available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They strive to answer all emails within two to three business days. They do not have a phone number, nor do they have a live chat system, so emailing is the best way to get help or assistance. On top of this, they have a help center that is accessible at all times where answers to frequently asked questions can be found.

Why Choose Genes Reunited?

Whether you are looking for a family tree maker, looking to connect with potential long-lost or newly rediscovered ancestors, or simply want to learn more about your ancestry and background, Geners Reunited allows you to do that. This is one of the largest genealogy sites in the United Kingdom, and one of the most user-friendly. It is also affordable, making it a great choice for most people.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to learn more about your ancestry and genealogy, or you are looking for a family tree maker to start learning more about where you come from, Genes Reunited is a great tool for all of that. This company offers one of the largest historical record databases and has a large user base. The website is user-friendly and it gives you the ability to interact with potential genetic matches, potentially putting you in touch with second or third cousins, aunts, uncles or other family members.

Pros & Cons

  The website is easy to use, even for those who may not be tech-savvy.

  This is one of the largest ancestry websites out there, so it has a wealth of information.

  The site features both records as well as a family tree builder.

  There are social and networking features to allow you to connect to those in your family tree.

  You eventually have to pay to access the information.

  The site is only ideal for those with UK family history, not worldwide family history.

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