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  Last updated June 21, 2024

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"DNA-based ancestry data combined with optional DNA trait & lifestyle testing"
  2+ billion historical records
  Competitive pricing for DNA testing
  Excellent privacy score
  Personalized results

Our Rating

Price 9.7 / 10
Database Size 8.0 / 10
Software 9.0 / 10
Ease of Use 8.9 / 10
Features 9.6 / 10
Customer Service 9.1 / 10


Although its parent company has been involved in DNA testing since 2004, the LivingDNA brand didn't exist until 2016. The England-based genealogy firm added a U.S. laboratory two years later. It serves customers around the globe, targeting users who desire greater privacy or sophisticated results in an easily understood format.

LivingDNA uses DNA testing to supply members with detailed information about their ancestry and health-related genes. Major media outlets like CNN and PC Magazine have published mostly positive reviews of the service. In addition to its cheek-swab kit and test results, LivingDNA offers an online family tree builder.

At a Glance

Price Range $79-179
Ideal For Privacy-conscious users
# of Historical Records 2+ billion
# of Profiles/Users ~ 1 million
DNA Test Option Yes


    Find relatives in the database and contact them

    Ancestry reports cover 80,000 years, 80 regions

    Machine learning helps automate family tree creation

    Download raw data on your genes at no extra cost

    Free ancestry information updates in the future

    Reports on paternal and maternal haplogroups

LivingDNA also has a partnership with FindMyPast that lets you use their historical database to learn about your family history. It contains more than two billion records from the U.S. Census Bureau, U.S. military, Ireland's government, and other sources.

Ease of Use

LivingDNA has a relatively fast and well-designed website with thorough instructions. The frames on some pages make them a little harder to view on a small screen. Customers can use a variety of web browsers; the website recommends Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

Review Highlights

This genealogy service earns moderately positive reviews. Around 360 Facebook members gave it an average score of three stars. The Better Business Bureau hasn't received any reviews or complaints. Over 300 Trustpilot users rated it 3.4 stars on average.

Some negative reviews dispute the accuracy of the results, complain about the database size, or take issue with failed tests. On the other hand, numerous users enthusiastically praise LivingDNA. They appreciate its helpful customer service and detailed results. Several of these reviews mention minor problems that the staff solved.

Pricing & Subscription Options

Customers pay one-time fees; this company doesn't offer subscriptions. The ancestry kit sells for $99 at the regular price, so it's competitive with and 23andMe pricing. This service costs a bit more than MyHeritage or the basic kit from FamilyTreeDNA. Nonetheless, LivingDNA supplies more comprehensive data and features than some lower-priced alternatives. It charges a delivery fee that the website doesn't reveal until checkout; customers pay $9.95 for standard U.S. shipping.

This genealogy service provides a free option for people who have used, Family Finder, Illumina, MyHeritage, Geno 2.0, 23andMe, or Gene by Gene to test their DNA. You only need to upload your DNA data file and wait about two days to access a limited selection of ancestry reports.

Additional Services

This company doesn't only offer DNA testing and a family tree maker. It provides other options, such as a customized coffee table book. This hardcover tome delivers your personal ancestry results in an attractive, easy-to-share format. LivingDNA also sells personalized multivitamins containing nutrients that have been selected according to your genetic traits.

Customer Service

LivingDNA doesn't offer live chat support, and it only has a U.K. phone number. If you have the ability to call England, you can reach the staff during U.K. business hours on weekdays. Fortunately, the company also replies to email messages. Many reviews praise its employees for delivering quick, helpful responses.

Why Choose LivingDNA?

You might select this service if you seek better privacy protections or find the personalized products appealing. It also attracts customers who prefer to use a cheek swab rather than spit in a small container. If you have roots in Great Britain or Ireland, LivingDNA's UK-centric database will probably supply more extensive results.

This sophisticated genealogy service proves desirable for anyone who wants to use DNA testing to discover their long-term family history. Its location in England makes customer support somewhat harder to access but also enhances privacy protections.

Pros & Cons

  This company has headquarters in the United Kingdom, so it has to follow comparatively strict privacy laws.

  Unlike some rivals, LivingDNA analyzes YDNA, autosomal and mtDNA, delivering highly detailed ancestry results that surpass many competitors.

  Range of kits that suit different needs and budgets.

  A full refund is available when a kit doesn't arrive or you decide not to use it.

  You can only request another kit or a 75-percent refund if testing fails.

  The database of potential relatives remains comparatively small.

  After getting tested, you will need to wait about seven weeks for the results.

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